Boxflap Episode 008: Introverts & Singing Fish

EPISODE 008 NOW LIVE Spotify: Google Podcasts: Anchor: Breaker: Radio Public: Show Notes episode 008 Email me your Think Off 3 responses or your creative work at or leave me a voicemail at: Today's Box Read. Inspiration for my new novel's title, Grave of Songs Bonus! #1: garage … Continue reading Boxflap Episode 008: Introverts & Singing Fish

Boxflap Episode 007

Sharks, Songs, and Street Signs Live on SPOTIFY: Send me a message: Or via email at Concept for corn chip packaging. Last Supper Chips. On 9 post-it notes. From left to right: Barney, Ghengis Kahn, ET, Sigmund Freud, Samuel Clemens, Gary Coleman, Betty Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Adolf Hitler, Papa Bear. Considered too … Continue reading Boxflap Episode 007

Boxflap Episode 006 – Mothers, Fathers, Aliens

Episode 006 live now on Anchor, Spotify, and other podcasting networks. Listen to Boxflap on SPOTIFY You need this story in your life - if you have $0.99. Think of others during this your alien abductors. Serious face! Journal entry for today's serious-face share. Send me your Think Off 3 responses! And your … Continue reading Boxflap Episode 006 – Mothers, Fathers, Aliens

Boxflap Episode 004

Alchemy & Blacksmithing EPISODE 004 now available: Here are the Box Artifacts for episode 004! The journal from The Box. The Foshay Tower in Minneapolis. The story sketch about the alchemist, Nicholas Flamel. The ladle I forged as a boy while apprenticing with Tom Latane at Pioneer Park in Annandale, Minnesota. See the cute … Continue reading Boxflap Episode 004