Boxflap Episode 10: Bunnies, Chickens, and the Nix List.

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Episode 10 Show Notes

Some of our happier flock of laying hens.
Cover for Bunny Waves a Flag (and other stories)
Words as pictures. Take that, common decency!
My sleepy podcast soundboard engineer, Warren, caught napping on the job.

Episode 009: Garlic, JFK Alternate Conspiracy Theory, and The Munching Tree

Episode 009 is live!


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Thanks to Susan Joyce, author or Rooked: Wall Street Never Saw It Coming, Steven Carlson, and Ann & George Coleman for being the first 2.5 submissions for the Think Off 3 Challenge!

Photos from the Writer’s Garden

150 pounds of garlic on left. Tomatoes on right. Beautiful day top and bottom.
Sugar pumpkin plants for pumpkin pie ðŸĨ§.
Buckwheat and field peas in a hugelkultur bed.
Tansy getting ready to flower.
Some of our chicken ladies. 🐔
Clover, all kinds, and birds foot the foil in our young food forest. 🐝 🐝 🐝 Bee heaven!
Cherries 🍒 – who will get them first? Us or the birds? ðŸĶ ðŸĶœ ðŸĶĒ ðŸĶš
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Boxflap Episode 008: Introverts & Singing Fish



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Show Notes episode 008

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Today’s Box Read.
Inspiration for my new novel’s title, Grave of Songs
Bonus! #1: garage sale find. Mac Davis album from 1978. Black or white – Mac just wants to score.
Bonus! #2 Keeping in the Norwegian vein as my hero in Grave of Songs is Norwegian-American farm boy. I’m part Norwegian, too.

Boxflap Episode 007

Sharks, Songs, and Street Signs

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Concept for corn chip packaging. Last Supper Chips. On 9 post-it notes. From left to right: Barney, Ghengis Kahn, ET, Sigmund Freud, Samuel Clemens, Gary Coleman, Betty Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Adolf Hitler, Papa Bear. Considered too realistic by Barney’s legal team. The entire chip project team had to be sacked.

Boxflap Episode 006 – Mothers, Fathers, Aliens

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You need this story in your life – if you have $0.99.

Think of others during this pandemic…like your alien abductors.
Serious face! Journal entry for today’s serious-face share.

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Boxflap Episode 005: Games!

Episode 005 Box Artifacts

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From the Box: original version of Crossed Legs
From the Box: Eerily accurate prediction of the current Covid pandemic.

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Boxflap Episode 004

Alchemy & Blacksmithing

EPISODE 004 now available:–Alchemy-edu0k6/a-a25rtp1

Here are the Box Artifacts for episode 004!

The journal from The Box. The Foshay Tower in Minneapolis.
The story sketch about the alchemist, Nicholas Flamel.
The ladle I forged as a boy while apprenticing with Tom Latane at Pioneer Park in Annandale, Minnesota. See the cute cat ears?
Random Box Artifact Bonus: the Teletubbies get a spooky new cast member: Edgar Allen Poe.

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Boxflap Episode 003 and Box Artifacts

Episode 003 now available:

Box Artifacts

The spooky memento.

As a leftie, sometimes I flip a page to write from the outer margin toward the spine.
I happened to read this the day before my bachelor party. P.s. my best man got a DUI later that night.
Another Jim Northrup artifact from the Box.