Boxflap Episode 14: The One Mashup to Rule Them All!

A new zany episode of Boxflap is live everywhere the flame of liberty still burns brightly (and also on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Breaker). Author Road Trip On the road with my latest novel, Grave of Songs. Austin, Minnesota, Spring Grove, Minnesota, and Decorah, Iowa this past weekend. Can a trip toContinue reading “Boxflap Episode 14: The One Mashup to Rule Them All!”

Boxflap Episode 13: Emergency! Family Preparedness

Boxflap is a podcast that is slightly more fun than a mechanical monkey that shoots sparks from its eyes. Yes, actual sparks. Available on all the classy podcast platforms. Demand excellence. Demand Boxflap! Boxflap on AnchorĀ  Boxflap on Spotify Boxflap on Apple Podcasts Boxflap on Google Podcasts Boxflap on Breaker EMERGENCY FAMILY PREPAREDNESS – ShortContinue reading “Boxflap Episode 13: Emergency! Family Preparedness”

Boxflap Episode 12 Show Notes

New episode of Boxflap is live wherever fine podcasts are sold! Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Anchor FM Think Off 3 Here is the inspiration for today’s Think Off 3 challenge! New Sponsor: Longship Lures Today’s episode is brought to you by Longship Lures, a first-generation, family-owned business operated by brothers Bryan and Brandon “Brando”Continue reading “Boxflap Episode 12 Show Notes”

Episode 009: Garlic, JFK Alternate Conspiracy Theory, and The Munching Tree

Episode 009 is live! Spotify: Google Podcasts: Anchor:—Garlic–JFK-Alternate-Conspiracy–and-The-Munching-Tree-efu5te Thanks to Susan Joyce, author or Rooked: Wall Street Never Saw It Coming, Steven Carlson, and Ann & George Coleman for being the first 2.5 submissions for the Think Off 3 Challenge! Photos from the Writer’s Garden Drop me a voice message! Think OffContinue reading “Episode 009: Garlic, JFK Alternate Conspiracy Theory, and The Munching Tree”

Boxflap Episode 008: Introverts & Singing Fish

EPISODE 008 NOW LIVE Spotify: Google Podcasts: Anchor: Breaker: Radio Public: Show Notes episode 008 Email me your Think Off 3 responses or your creative work at or leave me a voicemail at:

Boxflap Episode 007

Sharks, Songs, and Street Signs Live on SPOTIFY: Send me a message: Or via email at Concept for corn chip packaging. Last Supper Chips. On 9 post-it notes. From left to right: Barney, Ghengis Kahn, ET, Sigmund Freud, Samuel Clemens, Gary Coleman, Betty Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Adolf Hitler, Papa Bear. Considered too realisticContinue reading “Boxflap Episode 007”

Boxflap Episode 006 – Mothers, Fathers, Aliens

Episode 006 live now on Anchor, Spotify, and other podcasting networks. Listen to Boxflap on SPOTIFY You need this story in your life – if you have $0.99. Send me your Think Off 3 responses! And your own Think Off 3 categories. Let’s play!