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Boxflap is a fun, quirky podcast that explores creativity and being human with your very human host, Chaunce Stanton.

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S2 E1: Seven Goals of Highly Defective Solo Dancers Boxflap

It's a new year. Time to set goals. Time plan what to eat once you get out of jail. Time to talk the world's second and/or third richest man on the planet. And what about babies? Shouldn't they have goals? Also, breaking news about my latest book release: Sea Monkeys. Now get cracking on that baby-making! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. S2 E1: Seven Goals of Highly Defective Solo Dancers
  2. Episode 30: Double Blast of Christmas Pleasure!
  3. Episode 29: Terrified Orphans and Official Launch of Christmas Season
  4. Episode 28 – Thanksgiving Seconds
  5. Episode 27 – True Crime Turkey

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