About Me – Chaunce Stanton

Chaunce Stanton lives and works from a 5-acre hobby farm in southern Minnesota where he experiments with permaculture and organic gardening.

Compelled to write.

Being a functional introvert with a deep creative streak, I’ve always found writing to be my favorite method of communicating. Sometimes I have a beard.


I was born in Jacksonville, Florida a while ago. My parents and I moved to Minnesota when I was young. (My mom was a Minnesota native of good Scandinavian stock.)

I grew up in Annandale, Minnesota. At that time, it was a quiet lake and farm community of about 1,500 people. My first real job was at the Annandale Veterinary Clinic. My second real job was at the haunted Thayer Hotel. And my third job was at the Annandale Dairy Queen.

I was a child of the 1980s, complete with Atari games, He Man, and Indiana Jones.

I attended North Central Bible College briefly before completing my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at St. Cloud State University.

There may have been drinking and drugs involved, but I’m better now.

My latest novel, due for release in July of 2020, is set in Annandale in the year 1888 – 100 years before I graduated from high school.

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