Boxflap Episode 13: Emergency! Family Preparedness

Boxflap is a podcast that is slightly more fun than a mechanical monkey that shoots sparks from its eyes. Yes, actual sparks.

Available on all the classy podcast platforms. Demand excellence. Demand Boxflap!

EMERGENCY FAMILY PREPAREDNESS – Short Humor by Chaunce Stanton

I read this story aloud for Episode 13, but you should shell out the $0.99 on Amazon for the ebook version.

How’d you do on the Think Off 3 challenge? I put my money where my mouth was, and I got paper cuts on my tongue. Here are my three notes that I actually delivered/mailed. Yes, I’m aware that my handwriting looks like that of a seven-year-old schizophrenic.

One thought on “Boxflap Episode 13: Emergency! Family Preparedness

  1. Chaunce: I won’t be able to look at you now without imagining arm floaties. Too funny. Glad to learn that you were not considered ‘the spare’ by your mother. My goodness, your imagination is unique. You had both Steve and I in stitches. The Normalsens abnormalnesses, the wacky definitions (loved the Sigmund Fraud and the Vikings bits), and, again, your delivery is perfect! Really enjoyed this segment and don’t think the reading is too long at all. Having this lead into talking about your other works is great. Doing short pieces like this is a draw for people like us who are looking for a Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up. And by putting them out on Facebook makes it easy to share with others. I think I was able to share it, anyway. Usually when I press the share button it allows me to add a comment, but this time it didn’t, so I am unsure if I did it or not. I will follow-up on that to make sure I achieved sharing it, but I want to add my comments to endorse it personally. I can’t help believe that reading your entire works would fare super well among listeners. Figure a way to make money by regularly reading your work. My guess would be you could build a large listening base – like your own mini radio show. And you will, no doubt, create more ways than I can imagine to use as promo. A person to talk to might be Dori. She used to run a Podcast like a radio show. She might be able to share things with you that would be helpful in determining whether to, or how to do it. I know there are both pros and cons of doing something like that. Give her a call. You are inspiring to other authors just by your brilliance and stamina. Listening to you regularly is like a drink of Red Bull. Great job! Plan on reading your family emergency at writers group this Saturday, and also would like you to talk about your advertising progress, if you will. Great Job! Thank you for the laughs and inspiration. Have a wonderful day! – Susan.


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