Boxflap Episode 12 Show Notes

New episode of Boxflap is live wherever fine podcasts are sold!

Think Off 3

The nice random note left by a complete stranger in our mailbox. Brightened our day – heck, brightened our year.

Here is the inspiration for today’s Think Off 3 challenge!

New Sponsor: Longship Lures

Today’s episode is brought to you by Longship Lures, a first-generation, family-owned business operated by brothers Bryan and Brandon “Brando” Baldwin of the Rabbit Chain of Lakes in Minnesota.

That Norwegian Painter I Mentioned

As promised, examples of the works of the Norwegian painter, Adolph TidemandThe young hero of my novel, Grave of Songs, takes his name from this painter.

The artist himself, Adolph Tidemand.
My favorite – “A Message of Sorrow”
Look at these ne’er-do-wells!
Before the invention of motorized pontoons, Norwegians had to rely on dogs to navigate their boats.

All these people need to save up for a pontoon.


BONUS! I read an exciting excerpt of Grave of Songs!

Grave of Songs, by Chaunce Stanton. Coming of Age Historical Family Suspense Novel


One thought on “Boxflap Episode 12 Show Notes

  1. Chaunce: Nice segment. Really personable, and you had us giggling at the point you caught yourself being too preachy – very YOU. Me, I would have preached and lectured and not thought anything about it, but you so considerately apologize – and it adds character to your segment. You have such an expanded vocabulary – far better than most, so even your choice of words are interesting. Getting people to tune in is another trick. I’d encourage you to post the address everywhere you go – even print it out on little bookmarks you can hand out to people you meat anywhere. Bookmarks are easier to hand out than business cards, because they don’t imply business – or obligation. If you give someone a bookmark it is a “Here, something you might enjoy and its FREE.” Again, both Steve and I think your voice is so perfect for doing the reading of your book, have you considered an audio book with yourself as the reader. You should. Another thing you could consider is a video of you reading excerpts from your book that you post on Facebook. Sherrie Hanson (author of several books) goes online DAILY to play a song on the piano that she shares something about – like this was a song I loved to sing as a child, or a hymn that means something to her. Then she prays with them. Like clockwork she’s on. You could do the same only do a reading from Grave of Songs. You are far more captivating than Sherrie, and she’s got a following going. The excerpt you did from the first chapter with the storm sounds and visuals was perfect. I am so excited for you because you are exploding with talents and ideas. You may think you are normal – but you are not. You are extremely unique and I think it is a shame that you have to waste your time at a day job, because the world needs someone like you to entertain them. But, yeah, figuring out how to get to that point is the million-dollar question, but, fella, you are heading in the right direction. I expect to someday say: “ I knew him when.” It’s that obvious. Also, have you submitted your novels to contests? I encourage you to do so, especially with Grave of Songs. Dang, there goes my hope for the MN Book Awards, but really, you need to submit this for the Minnesota Book Award this year. They take submissions in September. Doing great, Chaunce. And the first time I heard your name that’s exactly what I said – what a great pen name! SOON! Your day is coming soon! – Susan.

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