Chaunce Stanton, Author

Historical dark fantasy, literary, humor, & magical realism fiction.

Genre-Bending Fiction

Author of the Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives (speculative historical dark fantasy), Luano’s Luckiest Day (literary magical realism), and Baby Proof (humorous short fiction), and the soon to be released: Grave of Songs (dark historical fiction).

An extraordinary and accomplished piece of fantasy, with vivid characterisation and a compelling plot.


From page one, Mr. Stanton drew me in. His no-holds-barred-style left me recoiling in disgust yet yearning for more! 

Megan Denby, Author of A Thistle in the Mist

The Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives is written in highly descriptive, rich prose that draws you into a world of magic and mind control. Unusual characters, many of them quite damaged, weave a compelling and tragic story. I found the book hard to put down because it is very different than anything else I have read and needed to see how the storyline worked out.

S. Brezina