Literary fiction, humor, magical realism, and dark historical fantasy.

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A Little Bit About Chaunce Stanton

Chaunce Stanton

Chaunce Stanton is an author and podcast host. His books include Grave of Songs, Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives, and Luano’s Luckiest Day. He is the host of the fun and inspiring podcast, Boxflap.

Chaunce grew up in Minnesota and still lives there. So it must not be too bad.

You’re not in Little House on the Prairie Anymore


“Right to the very last sentence this page-turner keeps you hanging. Beautifully written, one of the best literary pieces I’ve read since Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. The characters are profound. This slice of life during the 1800s is poignant and captivating. The author carries the reader on a cloud of brilliant prose that highlights the internal and external conflicts surrounding a young boy during a time of limited opportunities. The realistic struggles and hardships twine uniquely with fantastical folklore throughout this saga. This is one of those novels you hate to finish because you just don’t want the experience to ever end. Highly recommend.”

Susan Joyce, Author of Rooked

Is Seeing Believing?


“From page one, Mr. Stanton drew me in. His no-holds-barred-style left me recoiling in disgust yet yearning for more! Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives is a flawlessly orchestrated tale of dark magic peppered with a lush cast of characters, both fictional and non-fictional. My favourite, by far, is Old Ted, his guileless innocence a sharp contrast to the moody desperation of most of the other characters. Perjos is a work of art, his immoral capabilities a depraved journey into the depths of human nature. Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives is a true masterpiece and not to be missed by those who relish plummeting head first into the shadowy world of magic!”

Megan Denby, Author of A Thistle in the Mist

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